drone mapping CHALLENGE

See the “Challenge Rules” below for complete details.

Mapping with a Drone (UAV) has come a long ways in just a few short years. 

Here is your chance to demonstrate your drone mapping skills.

A “Drone Mapping Challenge” is underway.

The Winner will receive a set of “Survey Mapping Made SimpleSMMS book series 1 to 14. A $229 value. 

The Winner will also receive a wall mount of their favorite aerial photograph complements of Cooper Aerial.  A $250 value

DBE Surveying will be donating a LEICA DISTO to the Winner. A $400 value. 

TheMarksman will be donating a XY-010 portable tripod to the Winner. A $775 value.


  • Select a small 5 Acre site to map with your favorite drone platform.
  • Set 5 GCPs (four corners and middle) and 4 Check Points (evenly distributed). 
  • Fly the site at a GSD of 1.5cm (+/-) with 70% front and side overlap.
  • Process the site with your favorite mapping software.
  • Prepare a report that shows the processing parameters along with the RMSE values of the GCPs and Check Points. 


  • Email the processing report and orthomosaic to jcrume@cc4w.net along with contact information. Provide the drone platform, camera, sensor and lens information. 

NOTE: Submittals not meeting the above flight parameters will be rejected. 

Challenge ends at midnight on November 30, 2020.

The lowest average of vertical RMSE values for the 4 Check Points will be the Winner. In the event of a tie, then the average of the XY RMSE values will be reviewed. 

The Winner will be notified by email soon after the challenge deadline.



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