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Bearings and Azimuths 2.0 


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A unique Text Based Artificial Intelligence (TBAI) interface to calculate Bearings, Azimuths and Angles in their native format of Degrees-Minutes-Seconds. No conversion to Decimal Degrees is needed. Grad (a.k.a. Gon) is also supported.  


The TBAI recognizes multiline entries for stacked operations. Use the solution of the previous line in the current operation.  


Convert from one format to another format such as DMS to D, Brg to Naz, etc.

Parcel Boundaries 


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This app utilizes a unique "Text Based Artificial Intelligence (TBAI)" interface. A user interface using simple text to input required codes and courses from legal descriptions, etc. 


The TBAI will recognize the following direction and angle formats: 


Bearings: Ndd-mm-ssE or Ndd.dddddE for all four quadrants 

North Azimuth: NAZdd-mm-ss or NAZdd.ddddd 

Cardinal: N, North, S, South, E, East, W or West 

GRAD a.k.a. GON: Gxx.xxxxx

Circular Curves 


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This app provides the following functions: 


1 - Simple Curve  

2 - Reverse Curve 

3 - Compound Curve 


Calculate multiple curve components with only two known curve components.

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