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Bearings and Azimuths 1.2

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Add/Subtract angles

Bearing +/-angle

Bearing - Bearing

Deg-Min-Sec to Decimal Degree

Decimal Degree to Deg-Min-Sec

Bearing to NAZ/SAZ

NAZ/SAZ to Bearing.

Create and Inverse Between Rectangular Coordinates

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Create coordinates given starting Northing, Easting, Bearing and Distance. Calculates Latitude, Departure, Northing and Easting of next point.

Inverse between two sets of coordinates. Calculates the Latitude, Departure, Bearing and Distance.

Vertical Curve

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This app calculates Sag, Crest, Uphill and Downhill vertical curves based upon the information shown on typical engineering drawings.

- Calculate the High and Low point for Sag and Crest curves.

- Calculate the elevation for any station value.

- Calculate the station value given a elevation along the curve.

- Calculate all station and elevations for any interval.

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